wortha100yen (wortha100yen) wrote in nanovellas,

Wet Work (Part 3)

Part 3

She gripped the dresser as the elderly man penetrated her from behind. Her face veiled behind layers of makeup showed no enthusiasm as she feigned the occasional moan. He had only been inside her three minutes and she could already feel his body tightening for climax. He grasped the flesh from the lower portion of her hourglass and gave one last plunge as his body convulsed in gratification collapsing on top of her spine.

 “Baby, baby, baby…” His voice trailed off exhausted from the short romp.

 She rolled her eyes as she pulled out from under him adjusting her undersized bra to her silicone bosoms.  She walked across the room towards the bathroom, as her ass swished back and forth like a pendulum. The man’s eyes followed the busty Brazilian into the bathroom as he struggled to hold himself up on the dresser.

 “Hurry back”, He grunted.

 She turned her ebony head around long enough for him to see a tantalizing smirk across her full lips and then retired into the bathroom. He buried his face into the dresser as he reached for air that he was just beginning to find. Pain. Sharp pain, like a bee sting to his neck. He quickly turned around as his eyes began to blur into colors and abstract shapes. The same smirk. She stood in front of him with the empty syringe in hand like she had won a trophy. His began to fade as he slumped toward the carpet.

 “Tattoo. You had no tattoo.” He gurgled pointing to the artwork on her neck.

 Remnants of makeup could barely be seen around the small praying mantis on the woman’s neck.

 “The Mantis…” The man choked out as he crumbled beneath her.

 To Be Continued…

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